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Masterplan, Housing
District: Local district:
Size of area:
20 ha

Project description

Reason for planning
The district covered by the planning runs from the Cement Works in the West and the Neckar Bridge in the East; it has clear shortcomings in urban development terms with a seemingly random concatenation of different usages, the absence of quality leisure space, a lack of retail or hospitality outlets on Gutleutstrasse and of appealing green links along the Main River and between the riverside and Gutleutstrasse. The central quality highlight of the masterplan, the Sommerhoffpark, is only accessible through a narrow entrance between the childcare center and the transformer substation.

Development district
The approx. 20-hectare zone is situated on the north bank of the River Main. Gutleutstrasse runs along the northern edge of the zone, which has convenient transport links for automobiles thanks to the Westhafen junction and is served by public transport with the no. 37 and no. 87 buses. In the south, the natural border that is the waterfront includes the zone as far as the extension of Erntestrasse in the west at the intersection to the port zone (cement works).

Planning objectives
One of the areas for conversion the urban masterplan envisages is the land owned by Deutsche Bahn with the former, now disused cogeneration plant. The prominent position on the river and the Main Neckar bridge spell the right ingredients to create a prestigious gateway to the city. The idea is to erect a residential block that is accessed from one side only and earmarked for student dorms, along with two residential high-rises directly situated on the river, including a children’s daycare facility. The block will moreover be conceived to serve as noise protection.
Another objective of the urban master plan is to convert less-used areas in the port (level with the so-called “Wurzelsiedlung”) into a housing quarter.As part of the restructuring, the “Northern Bank of the Main” public recreation area will be continued to the west; the idea is to link Sommerhoffpark and Westhafen port as a single coherent zone. The new build to replace thea children’s daycare facility in bad need of repair on Gutleutstrasse offers an ideal opportunity to design a suitable entrance to the park.

Project progress
As early as 2005 the City Council adopted a resolution under the heading of “Linking Sommerhoffpark” and presented it to the Municipal Authorities. In the following years this led to the development of the Sommerhoffpark urban masterplan, based on the “Nördliches Mainufer” development study.
The City Council passed the resolution for the masterplan on February 24, 2011 and in conjunction with the alignment plan no. 1735 it now forms the current legal foundation for evaluation in accordance with section 34 of the German Building Code.
The building structures put forward as proposals on the masterplan are meant only as a specimen scenario based on current overall conditions and may be adapted to future developments.

New builds: Two residential towers and a student dorm
The zones “A” and “B” represented in the Sommerhoff masterplan and the access routes to the eastern edge of the park are not up to date. The reason: During the planning stage the option of providing joint access from Gutleutstrasse proved more suitable. This led to the omission of the envisaged roundabout. The cut of the properties owned by the state welfare association “Landeswohlfahrtsverband” and Deutsche Bahn largely follow their original layout. The pupils of Sommerhoffpark school and of Hermann Herzog school will therefore be able to access the park directly from their school grounds.
An ideas competition was held in 2013 and led to selection of a draft for new builds on sites “A” and “B” in the form of two residential towers and a student dorm. The two residential towers with heights of about 66 and 38 meters respectively will contain about 125 housing units as well as a childcare center complete with outdoor area. The planned student dorm would rise up to a height of about 40 meters parallel to the railway embankment. The some 390 apartments will all be located on the side of the building facing away from the noise. The outdoor space separating the residential towers and the student dorm is likewise located on the side facing away from the noise and will feature a lot of greenery.
Thanks to the new builds, a green promenade will arise on the northern bank of the River Main connecting Westhafen and Sommerhoffpark. To this end, a 20-meter-wide strip of land running parallel to the river will be landscaped.
Completion of the construction measure is scheduled for the end of 2023.

Zoning Plan no. 934 “South of Gutleutstrasse/ Hirtenstrasse/ Wurzelstrasse“

On January 28, 2021 the City Council approved preparation of Zoning Plan no. 934 which covers large sections that fall within the scope of the masterplan. The zoning plan secures orderly urban development in the west section of the Gutleutviertel district. As part of the zoning plan process the objectives of the masterplan will be fleshed out further and implementation commenced.

For further details please click PARLIS, the City of Frankfurt Parliamentary Information System.:

M 258 2010 - Masterplan “Sommerhoffpark” SR 9
M 258 2010 - Annex 1 - Masterplan
M 258 2010 - Annex 2 – Building proposal
M 192 2020 - Zoning Plan no. 934 – South of Gutleutstrasse/Hirtenstrasse/Wurzelstrasse