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Northeast Rebstock

Housing, Kindertagesstätte, Schooling
District: Local district:
Size of area:
9,5 ha

Project description

Reason for planning
The northeast section of the Rebstock grounds has been wasteland for a long time; originally intended for offices, it is now to be transformed into a new mixed-usage quarter with about 750 additional apartments. With Legal Zoning Plan no. 683 Ä – Rebstock – 1st Amended Version, which came into legal force on March 30, 2021, the preconditions were laid under planning law for the new urban quarter. It will complete the Rebstock district to the northeast and provide urgently required housing.

Planning area
The new Rebstock urban quarter is located in the northeast of the Rebstock district in Frankfurt’s Bockenheim district. It is, moreover, positioned between the northeast of City-West, the Rebstockpark, and the Rebstock Swimming Pool in the west, the Kuhwaldsiedlung estate in the east, and the new Rebstockpark in the south, and abuts the Europaviertel quarter.
The Legal Zoning Plan covers a space of 9.5 hectares. It is well connected to downtown and to the interstate at the Katharinenkreisel roundabout. Moreover, a tram runs down Leonardo-da-Vinci Allee and thus through the Rebstock district.

Planning objectives
The quarter is sub-divided into three sections. In the southern section, along Leonardo-da-Vinci Allee, there are two large apartment blocks with a supermarket and a hotel located on the Am Römerhof street. To the west of them, a community-use zone has been designated that will house a school. Centrally, in the middle section, there will be a plaza for the new quarter, flanked by two further large apartment blocks. The idea is to locate stores and hospitality outlets around the urban plaza. The future plaza for the quarter will hopefully become the center of the new district. To the west, another apartment block will be positioned directly on the edge of Rebstockwald. In the northern section, a long apartment block will boast courtyards opening to the south in a toothcomb structure. A large childcare center will be integrated into the middle; a hotel tower will be built on the edge of the quarter in the northeast.
Of the total of some 750 new apartments, over 30 percent will be subsidized housing.
The developers are the urban housing company ABG Frankfurt Holding, along with LBBW Immobilien and Sapphire Immobilien Investment GmbH. Construction started in 2021.

Planning progress
The development, structures, and marketing of the Rebstock grounds have hitherto derived from the Legal Zoning Plan no. 683 – Rebstock; it was based on a proposal by architect Peter Eisenman. To the south of Leonardo-da-Vinci Allee primarily apartments were built, along with a childcare center, a school, and the then new Rebstockpark. By comparison, in the absence of demand for office premises, the development of the office zone in the northeast lagged behind. For this reason, a new concept was tabled for it favoring housing construction. Given the modalities of the real estate, development work has taken its time. Finally, on March 30, 2021 the new Legal Zoning Plan came into force. The design of the plaza for the quarter will be developed on the basis of a series of workshops.

PDF files relating to the project