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New look for the square at Friedberger Warte

Public space
District: Local district:
Size of area:
Platzfläche von zirka 8.200 m²

Project description

Reason for planning
In connection with the newly-established Line 18 tram connection from downtown via Friedberger Landstrasse to Frankfurter Bogen, the traffic routing around Friedberger Warte was changed. The carriageways leading into and out of the city were repositioned to all lie west of Friedberger Warte. This change in road configurations gave rise to a free space of some 8,200 square meters on the east side of the Warte. The idea is to give the square an appealing design so that it can perform the function of a center for the new quarter and the new residential estates there, the “New Atterbury” and “New Betts”. Retailers, hospitality and social outlets already exist round the square.

Development district
The planning area borders directly on the heritage site of Friedberger Warte and includes all the section formerly occupied by the road through to the line of buildings on the other edge of the square.

Planning objectives



The new local square provides an appealing service close to the new residential housing round the Warte – a place where people can meet and spend time, a center that locks into the existing infrastructure in place in the immediate vicinity of the Warte. Moreover, the new design also creates appropriate surroundings for the historically significant cultural monument.

For this reason, the design focused on ensuring the new square did justice to the Warte as a heritage site, as well as on being highly functional and appealing to visitors and users of all age groups. The central square has thus been given natural stone paving (sawn basalt flagstones of different sizes to highlight the historical significance of the Warte. On the northeast edge of the square, two groves of trees with spacious seating arrangements and small play areas provide a pleasant setting for local residents. A fountain as a special eye-catcher enhances the qualities of the square and helps obscure the noise from the roads. Large tree beds and appealing blossoming plants structure the square and are a visual enhancement. Furthermore, 18 new trees have been planted and now contribute decisively to the pleasant feel of the square. The existing trees have largely been retained. Only six trees, where there was no guarantee they would remain stable, were felled. The design also features disabled access, with the planning including several ramps and a guidance system with ground indicators. The square can also be used for events, for example as a venue for a weekly market or local parties and festivals.

Project progress


With the City Council having approved the construction and financing proposal at the end of March 2015 (costs of the proposed measure totaling some € 4 million), and the tender having been successfully completed and the contract awarded, a groundbreaking ceremony on November 16, 2015 marked the commencement of construction work. The work took a good 20 months. The square was officially opened for public use on August 22, 2017, when locals staged a party to celebrate its completion.