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Downtown concept - Projects

Rossmarkt Pavilion - a key element of the downtown concept

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Project description

Reason for planning
The downtown concept, a framework plan for the development of downtown Frankfurt, was approved by the City Council in the summer of 2015. Additional steps in the future will involve the implementation of individual projects.
One of the projects earmarked for further investigation is a potential building between Goetheplatz and Rossmarkt. It could enliven the two plazas and improve their spatial structure.

Development area
The downtown concept’s overall zone spans Frankfurt’s old town and downtown within the Wallanlage greenbelt.

Project objectives
The question of whether, and in what form a new structure should be built, will be discussed with the city’s inhabitants. To this end the city executive organized an ideas workshop and conducted an online survey. The ideas workshop was held on October 23, 2017 in a marquee on Rossmarkt. Citizens subsequently had a two-week opportunity to voice their opinion in an online survey, in which over 1,100 people took part.

Project result
Both the workshop and the online survey addressed fundamental issues and questions relating to a potential pavilion on Rossmarkt. Whether a structure should be built at all on Rossmarkt was discussed, and arguments for and against collected. Around 70 % were in favor of its construction; in particular it was pointed out that it would enliven the plaza and was intended to give spatial structure to the two large plazas by the name of Rossmarkt and Goetheplatz. The roughly 30 % of those polled who reject the construction referred to the beneficial size and expanse of the adjacent plazas, which the pavilion would disturb.
With regard to the question of the preferred location of a pavilion on Rossmarkt, it emerged that around 60 % favored it being built at the point of transition between Rossmarkt and Goetheplatz. The fact that this way the plazas would be more clearly demarcated form each other was positively welcomed. Furthermore, it would be possible to integrate the existing entrance to the underground parking garage. No less than 40 % of those polled favored an alternative location in the east of the plaza where the former entrance to a nightclub could be included in a potential edifice. Furthermore, the large plaza could thus be enlivened without at the same time being divided up. Other locations were also discussed at the workshop.
A majority was in favor of a future pavilion on Rossmarkt being for hospitality, though not exclusively: Many of those polled can imagine mixed usage, in particular in combination with cultural use (music, exhibitions, events, etc.). For the most part, system catering and a restaurant that is part of a chain were rejected – an individual hospitality outlet that offers something for everybody and operates in the mid-price segment was the popular choice. As a basic alternative to the pavilion being used solely for hospitality purposes, in particular a cultural use was preferred. Some were also in favor of it being used as source of information – be it for tourists or on the topic of architecture.
The issue of the design and ambiance of a future pavilion or building on Rossmarkt was evaluated very differently and subjectively. No clear preference was identified.
By way of conclusion of the workshop and online survey, one can state that a majority of the participants spoke out in favor of hospitality facilities in the area between Rossmarkt and Goetheplatz.
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