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Ben Gurion Ring

Bebauungsplanverfahren Nr. 894

Urban development draft, Housing
District: Completed:

Project description

Reason for planning
SEB AG’s decision to abandon its administrative premises on the northeastern fringe of the Ben Gurion Ring circular freed up a plot of land inside the ring road. In the immediate vicinity of existing residential developments and a small center housing amenities, shops and additional infrastructure facilities in the south, the site is suitable for a new residential quarter.

Development district
The site in question is situated inside the Ben Gurion Ring in Frankfurt’s Nieder-Eschbach district. The zone spans approx. 3.3 hectares and will be entirely planned from scratch once again.

The ambit of development plan no. 894 “Ben Gurion Ring” awaiting completion is bounded by the “Ben Gurion Ring” circular in the north and east. In the west, the site culminates in a park featuring a lake, in the south it is bordered by a small center, Ben Gurion Ring 52-58.

Planning objectives
This development plan is being set up in a move to establish planning regulations for a general residential zone on the plot inside Ben Gurion Ring. Opening up the surfaces that have hitherto been sealed by the now disused administration complex will go some way towards using existing resources meaningfully. The aim here is to develop a strongly-greened residential zone which bridges the gap to existing residential zones in the west, south and east, and ultimately to foster the development of residential land.  

Project progress
The development zone is situated within the legally binding development plan no. 250 established on June 21, 1977. It has been designated as a central area with a site occupancy ratio of 1.0 and a floor space ratio of 2.4.

Part of the City’s brownfield development scheme, the site in question spans less than 20,000 square meters of permissible surface area, meaning that development plan procedures can be swiftly completed in accordance with section 13a, para. 1, no. of the Federal Building Code (BauGB).

Citizens were involved in the planning from an early stage. The urban development proposal including aims and objectives was presented to the public on March 8, 2013 during a meeting of the Local Consultative Council 10. This gave local residents ample opportunity to voice their opinions.

The explanatory development plan proposal went on public display in the period from March 11, 2015 to April 20, 2015. Authorities and departments were involved at the same time. The feedback we received is currently being assessed.