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Zeil Side Streets

Public space
District: Local district:
Size of area:
5,895 sq. m.
Project management:

Ms. Petra Kanamüller
fone: +49 (0)69 212 46051

Project description

Reason for planning
Following the overall aesthetic makeover of the Zeil (Frankfurt’s pedestrian shopping zone) it became abundantly clear that the ancillary roads leading to the Zeil no longer met the demands of this important downtown zone. The ancillary roads to the Zeil earmarked in the resolution passed by the City Council are Grosse Friedberger Strasse, Schäfergasse, Reineckstrasse, and Fahrgasse with the plaza and road at Staufenmauer. The Fahrgasse/Plaza at Staufenmauer project for which the final design is currently being completed is of exceptional importance as here the focus is not just on enhancing the street itself and improving its leisure-time qualities but also on drawing public attention to two historically important themes. First, the Staufenmauer itself, which despite being some 600 years old is well preserved here, but also the Jewish quarter and its history which used to be located here.

Development district
The relevant ancillary roads to the Zeil are in the vicinity of Konstablerwache plaza (see map). The makeover also includes Kleine Friedberger Strasse and Gelbehirschstrasse. Grosse Friedberger Strasse and Schäfergasse extend to the north of the Zeil, while Fahrgasse and Reineckstrasse adjoin Konstablerwache to the south of the Zeil. The redesign of Fahrgasse also includes the plaza located at the Staufenmauer wall, and the street “An der Staufenmauer”.

Planning objectives
The modernization is destined to augment the character and ambient quality in the ancillary roads to the Zeil, improve links with the Zeil, which has since undergone a facelift, and to boost the quality of shopping and leisure time activities in this central part of downtown Frankfurt.

In the past, the ambiance of Grosse Friedberger Strasse was anything but inspiring and appealing. Wide driving lanes lined with parking bays, with drivers looking for a spot disrupting the flow of traffic and the lack of quality leisure spaces informed the look-and-feel if this downtown shopping street.

Considerably reducing the width of the carriageway and the number of parking bays enabled the sidewalks to be widened significantly. An appealing design featuring bright surfaces, newly planted trees, outdoor seating, and new street lighting substantially enhances the street’s overall appeal and transforms it into a sought-after address. The number of parking spaces was reduced to a minimum (deliveries, disabled parking, police, taxis), and arranged on one side only – in the future multi-functional strip located on the western sidewalk. On the eastern side, the sidewalk was significantly widened and ten new trees were planted, thereby enhancing the ambient quality, in particular for outdoor life and pedestrians. With a view to meeting the demand for bicycle parking in the vicinity of the Zeil, 60 bicycle racks for 120 bicycles were installed. The adjoining ancillary roads Gelbehirschstrasse and Kleine Friedberger Strasse were included in the redesign and made into mixed traffic areas.

The future redesign of Schäfergasse will take its cue from the design principle used in upgrading Grosse Friedberger Strasse. On the other hand, the modernization of Reineckstrasse will involve laying a new pavement that is similar to the surface design used on the Zeil, thus creating a connecting element between the top of Fahrgasse and the Zeil.

The idea behind redesigning Fahrgasse is to draw people’s attention to the different functions that Fahrgasse serves north and south of Töngesgasse. In the future, only the southern stretch will have parking spaces. The makeover of the plaza at the Staufenmauer has a key role in the redevelopment. Three showcases embedded into the wall will allow glimpses into the location’s history.
“An der Staufenmauer” and other important entrances will draw attention to the history of what used to be the Judengasse – the Frankfurt ghetto.

Project progress
Preliminary planning resolutions have been passed for Fahrgasse and Schäfergasse. The technical and design planning is now being moved forward with a view to drawing up the final plans. Once these are tabled, the City Council must pass a further resolution for the construction work and the exact financing. The construction and financing resolution for Reineckstrass has been in place since late June 2017. Construction work is due to begin in spring 2018. Grosse Friedberger Strasse was completed in May 2017.