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Public display and involvement of the authorities

Resolution on availability of the plans for public inspection

After factoring in the findings of the timely involvement of the public and the authorities, corresponding draft development plans are prepared by the City Planning Dept. Increasing attention is being paid when preparing plans to the need for environmental protection in the form of an eco-audit; in the course of the latter the probable major impacts on the environment are identified and then described and evaluated in an eco-report. The audit findings are then input into the planning. After the draft development plan has been prepared with all the due drawn and written definitions and the reasons outlined, including the eco-report, the City Council resolves that it be made available for public inspection.

Public display

Customary announcement on the public disclosure in the official gazette, example development plan no. 854 "Nördlich Heerstraße / Teil 1", official gazette no. 18, 29.04.2008, © Presse- und Informationsamt Frankfurt am Main

The draft of the legal zoning plan is displayed on the basis of the resolution to secure planning approval. The draft development plan as elaborated is put on public display and remains so for the period of one month. This is announced at least one week in advance in the official City of Frankfurt gazette. In addition, the information on the plans being made available for public inspection is announced in the daily newspapers.

During the period in which the plans are on display anyone may submit their opinions on them. This can be done in writing or be communicated to the local authorities for it to be written down there. The City Planning Department’s Planning Information service is available for explanations during this time. You may also submit opinions by using the online participation form on the legal zoning planning process in question, which is available on the Current Participation page, and study the planning documents online.
Opinions not submitted by the deadline may potentially not be considered.

Involvement of the authorities

As a general rule, the authorities and others public interest agencies and specialist departments are also involved. They are sent the relevant documents for them to comment on, or these are made available in digital form. In the context of the authorities’ involvement, the public interest agencies state their opinions on the draft of the legal zoning plan. This is intended to ensure that, among other things, that the large number of points of view, which might not readily be noticed in the preparation of the legal zoning plan, are indeed taken into consideration, and that pertinent legal stipulations are adhered to.