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Redevelopment of Bruchfeldplatz

Public space
District: Local district:
Size of area:
inner space 6,000 sq. m.
total area about 10,000 sq.m.
Project management:

Ms. Petra Kanamüller
fone: +49 (0)69 212 35856

Project description

Reason for planning
In the context of planning workshops held in 2009 and 2011 on the issue of Bruchfeldplatz, the opinions of citizens of Niederrad were polled as regards the further development of the plaza. The key items mentioned were the wish for the “Green Heart” of the district to be enhanced with water features and attractive playground areas and the wish for a café on Bruchfeldplatz as a meeting point in the center of the Niederrad district.
The preliminary planning approval was ratified with City Council resolution 2210 on Sept. 22, 2022 and the design proposal is being fleshed out further in 2023 in particular as regards the potential for adjusting plans to reflect climate change.

Planning areaThe area for development includes Bruchfeldplatz with the streets round it as well as the on its south side the forecourt of the Church “Mutter vom Guten Rat” and the public areas outside the Civic Center and the adjacent drugstore on the south side of Bruchfeldstrasse.

Planning objectives Today’s Bruchfeldplatz with its invaluable old trees in the center of Niederrad is to be transformed into a popular, citizen-friendly and attractive meeting point for the quarter for all generations of inhabitants. The open-space planning concepts will focus on aspects of adjusting plans to climate change.

The green area’s existing potentials will be upgraded and brought into line with the wishes citizens expressed in the planning workshop in 2011. In the proposal, Bruchfeldplatz itself will be divided into a “green heart” with attractive recreation areas for different age groups, in a quiet section on Lindenallee on the square’s northern edge and with an opened-out area featuring the quarter’s café on vibrant Bruchfeldstrasse.

In the “Green Heart” a range of different playground features will appeal to smaller and larger children and there will also be water features and climbing frames. These recreation areas will be framed in the north and south by long seating walls positioned in front of blossoming bushes.

The root areas of the trees on Lindenallee in the north as well as all the other existing trees will be sustainably protected; new trees will be planted, above all supplementing the routes along Kniebisstrasse and will offset the trees forfeited by interim use of the site to house the container of KiZ 122.
The café on the southeast edge of Bruchfeldplatz will be the new magnet, providing a meeting and communication point, and will thus assume key neighborhood functions for the Niederrad district. A suitable space will be designated for the popular Saturday market and for smaller district street parties.

Project progress

Next planning focuses:

  • Realization of the café and planning the outdoor area in 2025 (following further approval by the relevant municipal boards in 2024)
  • Redesign of the surrounding streets in 2026-7 in the context of the planned new construction of the Kooperative Gesamtschule KGS Niederrad



  • Preparation of the tender for the new build of the café on Bruchfeldplatz
  • In-depth open-space planning for the interior of Bruchfeldplatz
  • Upgrading the “Green Heart” outdoor spaces and the playground; approval of its use until construction on the café and the new “Green Heart” starts

2019-June 2023: Interim use of Bruchfeldplatz as a fallback container-based location for the Kinderzentrum Kelsterbacher Strasse on Mainfeld

Spring 2018:
Presentation of the planning concept at a citizens information event. Objective: Preparation of preliminary planning for approval by resolution of the Frankfurt City Council.

2017: Inclusion of the project as a current planning task at the City of Frankfurt Dept. of Planning

2011: Citizens planning workshop to voice ideas for developing Bruchfeldplatz and Niederrad. Outcome: the clear wish for a café on Bruchfeldplatz.