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Redesign of Baruch Baschwitz Platz square

Public space
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Project description

Reason for planning
A high volume of traffic passes through Frankfurt’s Rödelheim train station, its LRT station is one of the busiest in the metropolitan area. Back in the mid-Noughties, the complex, whose underpass links the two districts of Rödelheim, had ceased to meet the requirements of a traffic hub offering appropriate services, safety and access for everyone. Consequently, on the basis of section 1820 of the resolution passed by the City Council on May 3, 2007, Rödelheim train station was duly extended and refurbished. However, the new barrier-free design of the station means that the forecourts need to be adapted accordingly. Following construction of the platforms, the underpass was replaced by a new system with wide stairs and ramps. The result: a district station that is attractive and safe to use for everyone. The next step in the comprehensive transformation of Rödelheim train station will be the redesign of the forecourt in the east.

Development district
Featuring a new layout, the plaza is situated on the eastern periphery of Rödelheim LRT station. It includes Rödelheimer Bahnweg as far as the opposite side of the road along with Alexanderstrasse and Radilostrasse, which are perpendicular to it. The district earmarked for redevelopment covers an area of some 4,500 square meters.

Planning objective
The redesign of Baruch Baschwitz Platz square is intended to revamp the traffic links in the area surrounding Rödelheim train station in an effort to enhance services when changing between trains and busses. The step is destined to make the train station more attractive for passengers and introduce a new, dramatically improved aesthetic to the surrounding area. The design of newly built public plaza comes complete with a guidance system for the disabled, while the overall plaza has been transformed into a quality leisure space with a wide repertoire of trees and benches, easy-to-use bike racks.

Project progress
The modernization of Frankfurt’s Rödelheim train station was conceived as a joint venture between the City of Frankfurt, Deutsche Bahn AG and Rhein Main Verkehrsverbund (RMV). Total costs amount to 14 million euros. The redesign of Baruch Baschwitz Platz square is financed through revenue obtained from the transfer of parking spaces, funds from the State of Hessen, the RMV transport association as well as funds from Deutsche Bahn and the City of Frankfurt. The project is included in the “Making Frankfurt More Attractive” investment scheme. Construction work on the train station commenced in 2009; LRT services operated as usual during construction work. The new underpass was built at the same time as the new railway tracks. Pedestrians were able to change between districts at all times. Work on Baruch Baschwitz Platz square is completed.

PDF files relating to the project