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Frankfurt’s new district in the northwest

Starting point – Objectives

Preparatory studies

Starting point

The Frankfurt housing market is still characterized by a clear prevailing shortage. Almost all
market segments report a strong demand for accommodation – and the need for it. The
potential afforded by converting existing properties and increasing densities no longer
suffices to meet the needs. Major new developments such as the Riedberg and Europaviertel
districts are due for completion in the foreseeable future.
In this context, it has become imperative to develop a new district on the city limits, beyond
existing built-up areas. The area for this identified in the northwest of Frankfurt offers
enormous potential for the creation of a new district, which can be linked up to the local
public transport system at relatively little cost.
To the east of the interstate, some areas bordering on Niederursel und Praunheim are
already entered as residential and commercial areas in the in the Regional Preparatory Land
Use Plan (RegFNP).


View to the west of the area under study, © City Planning Department City of Frankfurt/Main

Housing in residential areas needs to be built as quickly as possible complete with all the
requisite infrastructure. It is crucial that the neighboring municipalities, in particular Oberursel
and Steinbach, be closely involved in evolving the ideas for the new development and be
consulted in this regard. Important objectives for the development of the new district are:

  • 8,000 - 12,000 residences for a maximum of 30,000 inhabitants,
  • the creation of district quarters with a mixture of cooperative and municipal housing, with a mix of privately-owned and prices homes and 30 % subsidized housing,
  • integration in the regional green and settlement structure and
  • green boundaries between existing quarters.


The area will be developed on the basis of an urban development measure in accordance
with section 165 BauGB, which in addition to the swift development of the area offers, among
others, the following advantages:

  • the social infrastructure, e.g., schools and nurseries, will be built parallel to the settlement,
  • building plots will be sold to (project) developers on condition that construction work is completed swiftly,
  • the price of the plots will be determined by the evaluation team and
  • speculative investments with plots will be prevented.

Before any urban development measure is conducted, it is important to first establish its
necessity and feasibility.
You will find further information under Preparatory Studies.