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Urban development

Luftbild Skyline © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt/Main with over 750,000 inhabitants and almost 700,000 people working in the city definitely forms the heart of the RhineMain region. Within the conurbation and as an international business hub Frankfurt fulfils the key functions of a global city. To this end, every effort is made to ensure the city continues to evolve into an attractive metropolis that will offer a viable high standard of living and superb environmental quality in the future too.

The city’s spatio-functional fabric in the Frankfurt/RhineMain region has long since meant that urban development planning has had to adopt a scale in its thinking that goes far beyond the local dimensions of ensuring the livelihoods of the city’s inhabitants and of accounting for regional initiatives and strategies of spatial planning. The focus here is on safeguarding the future viability of needs of both the city and the region in a joint context.

Urban development planning primarily concerns itself with identifying Frankfurt’s specific strengths along with the changing functional and spatial challenges faced by both the city and the region. Moreover, urban planners devise objectives and strategic concepts for advancing the city as a whole and take an active part in compiling regional concepts.

Urban development planning in Frankfurt/Main thus includes a very broad range of tasks, with the main items on the agenda being residential life, work, retailing, transportation, unbuilt and green areas, environmental and climate protection, settlement and building structure, and land use. With this in mind, the municipal authorities develop the relevant technical foundations, guidelines and strategies.

At present, the authorities are busy establishing the 2030 Frankfurt/Main Integrated Urban Development Approach which they hope will highlight the key development planning strategies proposed for the City of Frankfurt.