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Urban Development Measures

Städtebauliche Entwicklungsmaßnahmen Sebastian Schramm © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

The urban development measure is an instrument in special urban development legislation that allows the swift acquisition for building purposes of previously unused land, waste land, or land presently used wrongly. It serves to make building land available for residential buildings, workplaces, and communal facilities just as much as the financing of municipal development costs. Sections 165-171 of the German Town and Country Planning Code (BauGB) form the legal basis of urban development measures, which are regulated on the basis of modernization law. Here a by-law is again required.

An urban development measure can only be implemented if it is required in order to augment the well-being of the general public. In other words, there must be significant public demand for a large volume of apartments, workplaces, and municipal facilities. Moreover, it must be certain that the measure can be implemented swiftly, that the municipality can in the interim purchase the land, and that financing is available. The measure is financed by the difference resulting from the increase in value of the plots of land:

  • the municipality buys the plots of land in the3 area to be developed at a price uninfluenced by the potential development (initial value) and
  • sells the plots of land it after redevelopment at the price of developed building plots (final value).

All aspects occasioned by the measure are financed by the differential between the initial and the final value, for example

  • the development of the area
  • the social infrastructure with schools and kindergartens
  • parks and areas of greenery.

Owners can resist the purchase if they are willing and in a position themselves to conduct the development (of partial areas) in accordance with the plans. In such cases an avoidance agreement is reached and compensation payable to the municipality.

To date in Frankfurt/Main the urban development measures “Am Riedberg” for the creation of residential building land and “Am Martinszehnten” for the creation of commercial land have been executed.

Furthermore, the City Council approved preparatory studies for two urban development measures – “Between Huthpark, the Main Cemetery and Günthersburgpark” and “Northwest Frankfurt (districts of Niederursel and Praunheim)” on February 24, 2011 and December 14, 2017 respectively, which have since begun.

Further information about the development measures is available at planAS and Projects.

Section from planAS, areas of application with regard to urban development measures,  © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

In Frankfurt am Main wurden bisher die städtebaulichen Entwicklungsmaßnahmen "Am Riedberg" zur Schaffung von Wohnbauland und "Am Martinszehnten" zur Schaffung von Gewerbeflächen durchgeführt.

Des Weiteren wurden die vorbereitenden Untersuchungen für zwei städtebauliche Entwicklungsmaßnahmen – "Zwischen Huthpark, Hauptfriedhof und Günthersburgpark" am 24.02.2011 und „Frankfurt-Nordwest (Gemarkung Niederursel und Praunheim)“ am 14.12.2017 – von der Stadtverordnetenversammlung beschlossen und begonnen.

Weitere Informationen zu den Entwicklungsmaßnahmen erhalten Sie unter planAS sowie unter Projekte.