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Social Cohesion Ben-Gurion-Ring

Integrated revitalization procedure in accordance with the Federal and state governments’
program “City districts with a special need for development – the Social City” (section 171e of
the German Town and Country Planning Code (BauGB))

Urban revitalization
District: Local district:
10, 15
Size of area:
about 3.3 ha
Project management:

Ms. Juliane Liebzeit
fone: +49 (0)69 212 30128

Ms. Anna Furian
fone: +49 (0)69 212 46051

Project description

Reason for planning

In late 2015, the large Ben Gurion Ring housing estate was included in the federal and state governments’ program entitled “City districts with a special need for development – the Social City”. At this point in time, the challenges facing urban revitalization included residential towers in need of modernization, vacant office premises, image problems, and a lack of cleanliness. Added to which, the outdoor areas had design and functional shortcomings.

Moreover, the qualities of the “Am Bügel” quarter have always been in need of improvement. One example being a green, largely car-free center. Other clear features include good apartment ground plans, stores that are close at hand, and good links to public transport. The community facilities in the quarter promote integration and assume tasks that are important over and beyond the estate itself. They include five childcare centers, a shelter for children, and support facilities for primary school pupils. Furthermore, Am Bügel is also home to a Youth Club, the Regenbogen Family Center, and the KiFaZ. Additional new residential and school buildings are planned going forwards.

The population in the quarter is heterogeneous in structure and includes people of around 46 different nationalities. In the past, neighborhoods were unable to cope with the various cultures and different generations, not to mention the burdens caused by unemployment, debt, and problems with violence and addiction. For this reason, the “Active Neighborhood” scheme was in place until 2005. The modernization measure under the “Social City Ben Gurion Ring” program is destined to stabilize the estate as a quarter where people like to live, and ensure it has a positive aura to it.

Planning area
The area receiving support includes the housing estate within the Ben Gurion Ring road, the Youth Club north of the ring road, and the Homburger Hohl road that connects the site to the Bonames-Mitte subway station. The large housing estate was erected in the 1970s as an extension to the housing developments in the Bonames and Nieder-Eschbach districts in north Frankfurt.

The line of stores integrated into the quarter, a mixed residential and office build with the surgeries of specialist doctors, retail outlets, a childcare center and the district management office is of importance over and beyond the Nieder-Eschbach and Bonames districts. In the early 1980s, two office buildings were erected to the southwest of the estate; they are currently earmarked as a new school building and as a spillover quarter for schools. In the 1990s, the buildings with the brick masonry were constructed at Ben Gurion Ring 110a. Today, they house the Saalbau Am Bügel events center, a childcare center, and a hostel for refugees.

After completion of a new-build quarter in the northeast that is currently under construction, the housing estate will be home to some 4,800 people. A public green zone complete with a pond and almost five hectares in size runs across the quarter from north to south. It merges seamlessly with the outdoor areas of the residential buildings. To the north and west of the housing estate are the two Berner Strasse and Am Martinszehnten commercial parks. In the west, the area abuts the A661 interstate. To the southeast, the heart of the Bonames district can be reached by foot.

Planning objectives
On the basis of the integrated approach adopted by the Federal and state governments’ Social City program, the City of Frankfurt/Main aims to preserve the Ben Gurion Ring estate and its subsidized housing. In the interest of the quarter it will upgrade the areas of greenery and open spaces, strengthen the people in the neighborhoods in social terms, promote the
local identity and intercultural integration and influence public perception of the development in a positive way.

The municipal administration and district management are working hand in hand with the local inhabitants, social welfare institutions, and property owners, to improve the quality of life and housing, climate protection, and life together within the housing estate. A list of key objectives was drawn up with the participation of local inhabitants as part of the Integrated Urban Development Concept (IUDC) and was approved in 2020 by City Council resolution.

On this basis, among others the following measures can be realized:

  1.  The nine entrances to the quarter given a new design
  2.  District management put in place
  3.  Communal gardens created
  4.  The district image enhanced
  5.  Outdoor areas upgraded
  6.  Urban green areas improved
  7.  Inner courtyards redesigned with playground areas
  8.  Playground given a new design
  9.  Waste collection point re-organized
  10.  The senior citizens residences rendered barrier free
  11.  Facades modernized
  12.  Traffic situation and local mobility options improved
  13.  Quarter café and neighborhood meeting point established
  14.  Meeting point for repairs and technology created
  15.  New school linked to the quarter
  16.  Outdoor areas for the Youth Club configured

Project progress

Inclusion in the “Social City” urban construction support program – since 2020 renamed the “Social Cohesion” program

Kick-off festivals and workshops

Civic participation process for the ISEK “Mach Deinen Bügel”
First meeting of the quarter’s advisory council
City of Frankfurt hires management team for the quarter
Inauguration of the new-look “Am Weiher” playground

since 2018
Ongoing realization of measures and projects

Event venue at the Luminale Frankfurt (Festival of Light Culture) with the “better cities” format

2019 Planning the redesign of the Ben Gurion Ring 20-42 inner courtyard
Planning the outdoor areas at the “Am Bügel” Youth Club
An insect meadow on the property of Nassauische Heimstätte at Ben Gurion Ring 124-138
Modernization of the residential building at Ben Gurion Ring 102-108 by GWH
Prolongation of the rent cap for 1,100 publicly subsidized apartments

The City Council resolves the Integrated Urban Development Concept (IUDC)
Construction of the elevator system at the senior citizens’ home at Ben Gurion Ring 110
Construction and inauguration of 1st Construction Phase of the newly-designed inner courtyard at Ben Gurion Ring 20-42
Installation of seven display cases for the District Management
Modernization of the residential building at Ben Gurion Ring 32-42 and 110 by GWH

First environmental education week held
The elevator system at the senior citizens home at Ben Gurion Ring 110 goes turnkey
Construction starts on the new design of the outdoor areas at the “Am Bügel” Youth Club
Planning and participation on the outdoor concept for the Ben Gurion Ring green belt
Traffic blocks put in place at the Ben Gurion Ring green belt
Modernization of the residential building at Ben Gurion Ring 22-30 by GWH
Tenants survey on the StetePlanung mobility concept by GWH

Inauguration of the ADFC repair and technical workshop on Ben-Gurion-Ring 118, initiated and supported by Bürgerinitiative am Bügel e.V.
Hosting the “Eco-Week”
Inauguration of the new sports and leisure grounds at the Jugendhaus “Am Bügel” youth center
Competition for ideas for the southeast entrance to the quarter at Homburger Hohl (carpark deck)
Modernization by GWH of the senior citizens home at BGR 20
Construction of an elevator system in the senior citizens home at Ben-Gurion-Ring 20
Construction start for construction phase 2 of the inner courtyard at Ben-Gurion-Ring 20-42 with gardens for tenants and shared zones
City Council Resolution (§ 2543) on the Master Concept for Renewal of the Green Zone at Ben-Gurion-Ring (concept for outdoor areas) on Nov. 17, 2022

PDF files relating to the project

More information

Integrated Urban Development Concept and
Social City Consultative Council

IUDC cover sheet © City of Frankfurt Planning Dept.

In the line of stores at Ben Gurion Ring 56 premises have been rented in order to establish a meeting point and workstation for the Social City Ben Gurion Ring that will support the project. The district management office doubles up as both meeting place and the office of the district management and during opening hours no appointments are needed to visit. The district management as the central focal point on the ground provides information on pending developments and services offered in the housing estate.

Associated events and workshops identified the needs as well as the potential that could be developed. As experts with regard to everyday life in the quarter, the residents contribute their knowledge to the IUDC and as such help prepare tailor-made projects for the social urban renewal. In October 2017 this participation process was displayed in the district office as part of a public exhibition of the results.

Social City Ben Gurion Ring Consultative Council

Diagramm Beirat © Stadtplanungsamt Frankfurt am Main

In the Consultative Council, 11 to a maximum of 15 local residents meet 10 people representing the institutions based in the “Bügel” district.

The Consultative Councils liaise between their local residents and those running the Social City program. They are contacts for local residents and represent their wishes before the municipal authorities and local politicians. The Consultative Councils are also familiar with current projects and pass on relevant information in the neighborhood.

Furthermore, the Consultative Councils act as advisors with regard to Social City projects: They recommend projects for inclusion in the annual applications for funding and play a role in their planning and implementation. The recommendations of the Consultative Council serve as the basis of discussion for the political bodies.
The Consultative Council is open to anyone living in Ben Gurion Ring. The involvement of local residents is important for the future development of the area! If you would like to become a voting member of the Consultative Council, you should introduce yourself at one of its meetings or contract the district management. Meetings of the Consultative Council are public and are held every six weeks at 6.30 p.m. on a Thursday evening.

Quartiersbüro und -management

District managers Marcus Schenk and Wibke Hübener, © City of Frankfurt Planning Dept.

In der Ladenzeile-Ben-Gurion-Ring 56 sind Räumlichkeiten angemietet worden, um einen projektbegleitenden Treffpunkt und einen Arbeitsplatz für die Soziale Stadt Ben-Gurion-Ring einzurichten. Das Quartiersbüro ist sowohl ein Begegnungsraum als auch das Büro des Quartiersmanagements mit offenen Sprechstunden. Das Quartiersmanagement als zentraler Ansprechpartner vor Ort informiert über anstehende Entwicklungen und Angebote in der Siedlung.

Das Quartiersmanagement gibt vierteljährlich einen Newsletter heraus. Bei Interesse an der Eintragung in den Verteiler wenden Sie sich bitte an untenstehende Email-Adresse.

Kontaktdaten und Sprechstunden des Quartiersmanagements:

Quartiersbüro Ben-Gurion-Ring
"Mach Deinen Bügel"
Ben- Gurion- Ring 56
60437 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: 069/ 500 040 60
Email: qm-bgr@qurban.de

Öffnungszeiten: Mo, Di, Do, Fr 9.00 - 13.00 Uhr, Mo 14.00 – 16.00 Uhr, Mi geschlossen

Contingent Fund

City of Frankfurt Contingent Fund for Areas that come under Urban Development Promotion, © City of Frankfurt Planning Department

With a view to strengthening its commitment to the common good, the City of Frankfurt is making available to those districts undergoing urban renewal a budget (contingent fund) for the execution of minor local projects and measures. In an unbureaucratic way the fund will enable independent civic activity in the non-investment field.
Do you have an idea that could be used to play an active role in your neighborhood? The City of Frankfurt will be pleased to reimburse you for your efforts.
Initial ideas for projects can be discussed informally with the neighborhood management team.
Click here for the District Advisory Team