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Resolution of the planning statute


After completion of the period during which the draft development plan was made available for public inspection and receipt of statements on it both from citizens and from the agencies representing the public interest, the statements then get audited (assessment). Reservations and suggestions are weighted, contrasted to the planning results hitherto, and compared with one another and a balance sought.

The administration assesses whether it should propose to the City Council that the statement be considered (and the plans changed accordingly) or rejected.

If in light of the statements submitted it is necessary to revise the draft development plan in a manner that impacts on the basics of the planning, then the changed plan must again be made available for public inspection.
Everyone affected by the plan can again submit statements, albeit as a rule only on the changed or supplemented parts of the plan. The duration of the renewed process of making the plan available for public inspection can be shortened.
If the basics of the planning are not impaired, then the renewed submission of statements can be confined to the persons and parties affected by these changes.

Resolution of the planning statute

The City Council decides on the statements submitted (assesses the pros and cons) and then approves the development plan as a statute. The finding of the assessment are communicated to those who filed the statements. With the customary announcements in the official City of Frankfurt gazette, the development plan is enacted and becomes binding law.

Should the development plan not have been developed on the basis of the land use plan, then is must first be approved by the Regional Council in Darmstadt, which is the next higher administrative authority. The approval thus granted shall likewise be made public by the customary announcement.

The local authority then keeps a copy of the development plan available for anyone to inspect. On request, information on its content will be provided. To this end the City Planning Department’s Planning Information service is available. Moreover, the digital planning law information system planAS enables you to download and print out all legally-binding legal zoning plans along with the relevant documents and procedural data.

Customary announcement of the enactment in the official gazette, example: development plan no.851 "Gateway Gardens", official gazette no. 11, 11.03.2008, © Presse- und Informationsamt Frankfurt am Main