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Resolution to secure planning approval

Customary announcement of the first resolution in the official gazette, example development plan no. 868 "Giessener Straße / ehemaliges Postgelände", official gazette no. 30, 22.07.2008, © Presse- und Informationsamt Frankfurt am Main

The proposal to submit a development plan for approval is as a rule suggested by the municipal administration (City Planning Dept.), the general public, or by politicians. In the special case of a project-related development plan, it is usually the project managers (investor or developer) who take the initiative.
The choice of a particular development site is as a norm derived from the land use plan. As part of securing approval under the land use plan, the rough suitability of the construction sites is assessed.
A resolution to secure planning approval is not compulsory.

The City Council passes the resolution to secure planning approval and announces this in the official City of Frankfurt gazette. The resolution to secure planning approval states all the general objectives and purposes of the planning, outlines the area covered by the plans in a map, and states the name of the planning area.