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Redesign of Taunusanlage LRT station

Public space
District: Completed:

Project description

Reason for planning
In the context of establishing development plan no. 702Ä “Banking district – between Taunusanlage and Goethestrasse – 1st amendment” agreements were reached with the owners of the affected properties. The new station will offer them benefits given the planned introduction of additional buildings to the area, which as a consequence will prompt higher usage of the public space and infrastructure.
One step to alleviate matters is the transformation of Taunusanlage LRT station, which presently has no barrier-free access and lacks both a contemporary look-and-feel and a clear layout, impairing security and making it difficult for passengers to find their way around.

Planning objectives
The redesign is intended to enhance orientation in the station by introducing new routes and color-coded signposting. A lift and a guidance system for the blind and visually impaired will provide barrier-free access throughout.
Previously unused areas will be converted into two small shops and showcases for art.
The makeover is intended to ameliorate the quality for passengers by adapting the design to the architecture prevailing in the surrounding public space.

Development district
The makeover comprises the entire below-ground station including two B levels, two interim levels and a C level plus all of the eight exits. There will be a new lift from the street level to the C level.
(During construction, an area in the Taunusanlage will be cordoned off to accommodate building site facilities.)

Project progress
The project is a City of Frankfurt and Deutsche Bahn Station&Service AG joint venture.
DB Station&Service AG as project developer assumes responsibility for the construction, which also involves comprehensive modernization of the fire-protection infrastructure and will introduce new departure boards. The city and DB Station&Service AG will jointly decide on the new design.
The total cost of the makeover will be around 7.9 million euros. The project will be financed from funds from the Urban Development Agreement, revenue obtained from the transfer of parking spaces, funds from the State of Hessen, the RMV transport association and funds from Deutsche Bahn.
The LRT will continue normal operations during construction. As the entrances to the Wallanlage greenbelt will be used to access the building site facilities, they will remain closed as a consequence. Other stairs and escalators will be closed temporarily in line with construction work.


Signing of the urban development agreement


Design planning competition;
Design concept by Kraus Milkovic Architekten Frankfurt


Planning contract signed with DB Station&Service AG and RMV


Construction contract signed with DB Station&Service AG


Implementation planning by Dietz Joppien Architekten Frankfurt;
approval obtained from the Federal Railway Authority;
redesign of two specimen stairs


Preparations for contract award


Start of construction in May

June 18, 2013

Opening of the lift


Opening of the station is March 23, 2014