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Frankfurt’s new district in the northwest

Preparatory studies

Preparatory studies

The City of Frankfurt/Main is endeavoring to develop the new district by means of the
instrument of an “Urban Development Measure” as envisaged by section 165 ff of the
German Town and Country Planning Code (BauGB). The urban development measure
presupposes that the swift, uniform development of a particular area is imperative. Prior to
the area for development being defined by a development by-law, the municipality must
conduct preparatory studies to prove that the criteria justifying the development measure are

Preparatory studies

  • expert basic evaluation
  • willingness of the owners to cooperate
  • urban development concept and master plan
  • Rough estimation of costs and financing needs

Report on the result of the preparatory studies

In the preparatory studies for the new district, in particular the expert basic evaluations must
be examined. Moreover, they also investigate how willing those affected (owners, tenants
and leaseholders and other affected persons) are to cooperate. Measuring approximately
550 hectares, the area to be studied is considerably larger than the land that will later
actually be developed. On the basis of initial preliminary sketches, we can assume that the
gross construction area will measure approximately 190 hectares. Apart from the
construction plots, this also includes pathways, roads and plazas, the social infrastructure,
and areas of greenery in the residential area.
On December 14, 2017 the City Council passed a resolution that the preparatory studies be
The findings of the studies will be compiled in a single report. This will serve as the basis for
decision-making on the project’s feasibility and the extent of the area of the urban
development measure.