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PlanAS - view planning laws online

Visual symbol of the planAS information system, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

Using the planAS information system you can study all the legally binding construction plans for the City of Frankfurt online and print them out. And you can also obtain information here on all the legally-valid blocks on changes, preservation statutes, modernization measures, development projects and design statutes as well as the procedural status of all urban design statutes currently being prepared.

After entering the street and house number or the plot or land parcel number, the planning law applicable to the real estate in question pops up on-screen. As a developer or investor you can therefore obtain comprehensive prior information of what needs to be considered by way of planning laws for a specific construction project.
Moreover, by clicking the Advice on Planning Law button you can find out which focal point at the Municipal level is responsible for which district should you want to obtain additional information by emailing or phoning them.

In order to enter the information system, all you have to do is click item on the navigation bar with the dark blue shading or following the following link to planAS.

The extensive integrated online Help function includes comprehensive explanations on how the system works and the content. To help you navigate round it quickly, we have compiled a short list of all the most important functions in the information system: click Quick use to access it.

For general information on planning law simply click the City Planning Department’s Planning information microsite.