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Office space development

The appearance of no other major German city is so clearly shaped by its office high-rises as is Frankfurt/Main. Alongside the central business district, less central locations also offer an immense range of office space. Job density runs at around 925 employees per 1,000 inhabitants, the highest figure in Germany. This ratio is driven by the daily surplus of some 265,000 commuters who are in gainful employment under social insurance schemes.

Skyline Frankfurt am Main © Stadtplanungsamt Frankfurt am Main

The office market within the Frankfurt city limits has around 11 million square meters of usable space available. Trends for office space are primarily driven by supply and demand. On average, some 200,000 – 300,000 square meters of office space are under construction at any one time. The significant level of vacancies has clearly fallen over the last five years from 15% of the total to just under 10%. We can assume that in the Frankfurt metropolitan area at present less than 1 million square meters of office space remain vacant.

As a master plan, the high-rise development plan (Link intern) identifies possible sites for new builds over 60 meters in height. In 2007, the City Planning Dept. commissioned a study of the opportunities for converting office spaces into residential buildings (Link intern). At present, with the restructuring of Bürostadt Niederrad to create a vibrant working and living quarter an effort is being made to breathe more life into the district and also lower the large number of vacancies

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