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Northeast of the Anne Frank Development

Urban development plan, Residential space


Representation in the project map (German)

Reason for planning

Frankfurt has a great need for additional housing. Estimates suggest the population will grow by around 70,000 people by 2030. Owing to the urgent need, back in 2014 a joint resolution was passed to draft several priority development plans, one of which is the “Northeast of Anne-Frank-Siedlung” planning area. Thus, the development plan is intended to meet the demand for housing by creating attractive living space.

Planning area

The planning area is located on the edge of the Eschersheim district. The northern border runs approx. 30 meters north of the street Am Gabelacker. In the south the area adjoins the existing development north of “Anne-Frank-Siedlung.” The total surface area of the planning area encompasses some 11.3 hectare.

Planning objectives

The development plan will lay the legal basis for planning regulations for a general residential area. The goal is to derive from the area’s identity an urban and at the same time green quarter with easy access to the local recreation area and residential options for various sections of the population. To promote a lively quarter with amenities and opportunities for social interaction the existing center of the quarter, Im Geeren, is to be expanded by new supplementary uses.

Project progress

The construction area northeast of Anne-Frank-Siedlung has been designated a planned residential construction area in the Regional Land Use Plan since 2009. The drafting of a development plan for the area was resolved by the City Council on June 26, 2014. To ensure the creative and functional quality of the future structure of the development and open spaces, an urban and landscape planning ideas competition was announced on May 9, 2018 in the framework of the development plan procedure. The competition, whose results will form the basis of the plan for the legal regulations that will then need to be drawn up, is intended to enable public participation in the development plan procedure at an early stage.

Project management

Mr. Gunther Stoll

Telephone: +49 (0)69 212 74120
Fax: +49 (0)69 212 30761