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Neue Mainzer Strasse/Hofstrasse

Public space
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Project description

Reason for planning
The southern section of Neue Mainzer Strasse is in bad need of repair and has functional shortcomings. Overall, the street needs to be adapted to serve present-day traffic requirements. In this context, there have been calls to augment the area in question in a bid to mark the location’s significance within the city fabric. To this end, the project has been included in the “Making Frankfurt More Attractive” investment scheme, which will provide funding for the necessary redevelopment of core structures and introduction of new traffic routing.

In addition, the overall aesthetic of the streetscape will be optimized. The road deck is in a bad state of repair throughout the zone in question. A motley mix of paving materials has been used on the sidewalks: Concrete cobbles and slabs of differing formats alternate with asphalt pavements. There is no barrier-free guidance system for persons with limited mobility. Overall, the zone in question lacks a coherent and seamless system of cycle tracks. The existing streetlights do not provide sufficient illumination at the T junction.

Development district
Superbly positioned between Untermainbrücke and Willy Brandt Platz, the intersection of Neue Mainzer Strasse/Hofstrasse/Untermainkai is an important gateway to Frankfurt’s banking district and downtown. The prominent buildings of Nürnberger Versicherung, the Municipal Theater and, in the near future, the Maintor Areal combine with the intersecting traffic routes to lend the zone its particular aesthetic flair. However, there are few designated zones for pedestrians and cyclists. The streetscape is highly fragmented and complex.

Planning objectives
The “Redesign of the T junction at Hofstrasse/Neue Mainzer Strasse” road project envisages the fundamental renewal of sidewalk surfaces and the road deck in sections of Hofstrasse, Neue Mainzer Strasse and Untermainkai. The concept for the makeover of the sidewalks on Neue Mainzer Strasse is continued in the present planning documents. The main focus here is on sidewalks, greenery, lighting and street furniture.

The objective is to upgrade the area surrounding the Neue Mainzer Strasse/Hofstrasse/Untermainkai intersection and introduce additional designated surfaces for pedestrians and cyclists. In a bid to ensure consistency, the new road deck, lighting concepts and standardized traffic areas have been evolved from the “Redesign of Neue Mainzer Strasse” building project, which has already been completed. The concept will give priority to through traffic and traffic routing along Neue Mainzer Strasse as the prime thoroughfare into downtown Frankfurt. The sidewalk on the western periphery in front of what was the Degussa complex will be put in place in connection with the “Maintor” building project.

The changes introduced in conjunction with the makeover of the “Maintor” complex require a new pedestrian crossing to be installed in the northern section of the central island. The idea is to enable pedestrians coming from Alte Mainzer Gasse to cross Neue Mainzer Strasse directly. The pedestrian crossing will be built as part of this project.

The traffic areas will be reduced to the necessary minimum and rerouted. Among other things, the new layout will optimize cycle paths and introduce a direct link for cyclists riding southwards.

With the use of cutting-edge technology, the traffic lights at the Neue Mainzer Strasse/Hofstrasse and Neue Mainzer Strasse/Untermainkai intersections will be combined into a single system complete with acoustic signals for the visually impaired and blind.
As regards illumination the same streetlamp designs as are used in the adjacent zones already under development have been selected in an effort to create a harmonious overall impression.

The new “Maintor” pedestrian crossing requires one tree to be felled. In its place, five new trees will be planted alongside the road. Additional trees are envisaged as part of the Maintor construction project on the east side of Neue Mainzer Strasse.

Project progress
In 2000, the City Council passed the resolution to include the “Neue Mainzer/Hofstrasse” project in the “Making Frankfurt More Attractive” investment scheme.
Planning progressed hand in hand with the Department of Road Construction and Development.

The first resolution on construction and financing documents was passed on February 1, 2007. A number of other building projects in the vicinity delayed work starting, meaning plans had to be revised and the construction and financing documents updated accordingly.

On November 15, 2012 the City Council approved the amendment and modification of the construction and financing documents.

Building began on June 17, 2013 and is expected to be completed in March 2014. The Department of Road Construction and Development is responsible for the project.