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North of Adickesallee

Site of the former State Finance Office

Urban development draft, Housing, University, Commerce
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Project description


Reason for planning
The dynamic surge in student numbers has prompted the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (FSFM) to scout for a new location that will not only accommodate the school’s present intake but also absorb future growth. The central location, superb local transport links and easy access for cars, the size and layout of the property along with the homogenous ownership structure are just some of the advantages that make the vacant administrative buildings on Adickesallee an excellent address for a new university complex that will serve the FSFM’s requirements perfectly. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to design the large-volume buildings required by a university such that they blend in with the large public buildings and institutions already lining the Alleenring road and thus complement the overall city fabric. Taken together with the park-like open space to the south, the FSFM can potentially create a campus with a truly distinctive, high-quality urban design.  

Frankfurt currently has substantial need for additional dwellings. According to the population and budgetary forecast conducted by the Citizens’ Office for Statistics and Elections, by 2030 Frankfurt’s population will have surged to 724,000 people. Institut für Wohnen und Umwelt GmbH (IWU, Institute for Housing and the Environment) took this figure as a basis to predict housing requirements over the coming years. According to this forecast, in the period between 2009 and 2030 approx. 32,000 additional residential units will need to be created (up to 26,500 by 2020 and another 5,500 dwellings by 2030).

The city seeks to combat the growing demand for housing by developing attractive apartments. The premises on Adickesallee can play a decisive role moving things in the right direction.

Development district
The area in question is located north of the Alleenring in Frankfurt’s Nordend-West district. This particular stretch of the ring road, which embraces the new urban districts built at the turn of the 20th century, serves as the backbone for a host of important public building and institutions, with the German National Library, Campus Westend and Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, the new Police Headquarters, the central cemetery, Bürgerhospital, St. Marien Krankenhaus and Frankfurt University of Applied Science in the immediate vicinity. The scope of the development plan is limited in the east by Eckenheimer Landstrasse, in the south by Adickesallee, in the west by Bertramsstrasse and in the north by the grounds of the Hessischer Rundfunk broadcasting station, the sports complex and a residential estate.The development zone is approx. 7.7 hectares in size.

Planning objectives 
The aim of the development plan is to lay the legal foundations for the development of a university location complete with the necessary facilities on the site of the erstwhile State Finance Office. The properties located to the west of the former State Finance Office are earmarked as a mixed, core area for apartments and such services that will round out the offerings for residents and staff and students alike. The area extending along Bertramstrasse will be 60 percent residential, while the property adjacent to the planned university in the west is suitable to accommodate facilities that typically complement academic life, such as hospitality outlets, child-care facilities, a student hall of residence, local convenience stores and a hotel (e.g. for guests attending university seminars). Consequently “only” 30 percent of the grounds will be set aside for residential usage here.The property on the corner of Adickesallee / Eckenheimer Landstrasse is reserved as a fallback for the German National Library.

Project progress
The resolution to initiate planning for the development plan no. 891 “North of Adickesallee – Site of the former State Finance Office” was passed on May 31, 2012. As per section 3 clause 2 of the Federal Building Code (BauGB), the plans were disclosed to the public in the period from October 1, 2014 thru November 3, 2014. The statutory decision is currently being drafted. The development plan is expected to come into force in early 2016.

PDF files relating to the project