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Navigating this Website

The architecture of this Website is designed such that all individual pages follow the same navigation principle.

This means that each page of this Website can be accessed via the main menu on the left next to the vertical content menu.

The breadcrumb navigation bar is located above the vertical content menu. It traces the path to the page you are currently viewing and thus helps you identify your present position on the Website. Starting with the main menu level, it shows your path in the form of successive links and indicates your current position in the general structure of the Website, meaning that you can switch directly to higher levels using the path.

Above the "breadcrumb navigation" you will find the so-called “help navigation”, which allows you to customize the design of the Website.

To switch between languages use the language function in the top right corner of the page.

At the end of the vertical content menu you will find control functions that will allow you to jump back to the top, call up the previous page once again or print the current page.

Navigating using non-visual output devices

This Website not only supports visual output devices, such as browsers, but it also supports auxiliary devices, such as screen readers and language browsers. For non-visual output devices there are additional navigation aids that will enable you to switch between different blocks of content. At the top of each page you will find an additional navigation element that allows you to jump straight to particular pages.

Available access keys

This Website uses access keys to aid navigation. Access keys are helpful in particular for people suffering from visual or motor impairments who are unable to use a mouse (or have restricted use of it) and are therefore dependent on the keyboard or alternative input devices. Access keys will also be of benefit to those who prefer working with the keyboard over a mouse.

Most browsers have predefined access keys to support navigation.

  • Windows: Depress the ALT key and press the relevant access key
  • Macintosh: Depress the CTRL key and press the relevant access key


Allocation of access keys:

  • 1 - Jump to top
  • 2 - Jump to content (skip navigation)
  • 3 - Jump to main navigation
  • 4 - Jump to assistive navigation
  • 5 - Jump to full text search
  • 6 - Jump to contact information
  • 7 - Help on this Website


Customizing the color settings

The visually impaired and people with color vision defects may have difficulty viewing certain webpages.

For this reason we offer you the opportunity to choose between two different contrast settings on this Website:

  • Standard-Version
  • High-contrast version (optimized version for visually impaired people)

If you wish to adjust the design of this Website you can jump straight to Changing the page view in the assisting navigation.

Customizing the font size

Depending on your screen resolution you can choose a font size that is comfortable for you to view.

Most popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Internet Explorer will allow you to change the font size in the menu bar by clicking on “View” and then selecting “Text Size”. In Opera you can change the font size by clicking “View” and then selecting “Zoom” in the menu bar.

The assistive navigation above the breadcrumb navigation allows you to change the font size conveniently from any page – there is no need to navigate back to the original page.

You can also customize the text size by using shortcut keys on the keyboard:

Mozilla Firefox, Netscape:

  • [Ctrl] [+] increases the font size
  • [Ctrl] [-] reduces the font size
  • [Ctrl] [mouse wheel] increase and reduce
  • [Ctrl] [0] restores the default font size


Internet Explorer:

  • [Ctrl] [mouse wheel] increase and reduce



  • 10% increments with [+] and [-] in the numeric keypad
  • 100% increments with [Ctrl] [+] and [Ctrl] [-]
  • [*] in the numeric keypad restores the default font size


You will find information on how to customize the text size directly on this Website under the menu item Font size

Full text search

The full text search is designed to help you search the contents of the entire Website according to keywords. To do so, simply enter the item you are looking for in the search box at the top left corner of this Website and press “Start Search” to begin. The result of your search will be shown in the vertical content menu of this page.

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