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North of Heerstraße commercial estate

Urban development plan, Commercial site


Reason for planning

Until the mid-1990s, most of the now developed section of the commercial estate was used by the Hartmann & Braun company who manufactured high-quality measuring and analytical equipment there. Following the dissolution of Hartmann & Braun, production was for the most part relocated, a successor company continuing only part of the operations. Two other trade enterprises remained in the area and carried on in business. The former production halls were for the most part left underused, and decayed. In urban development terms it was an unsatisfactory situation and was the reason for devising a concept for the area north of Heerstrasse extending as far as the A5 interstate.

Development district

The zone comprises the area north of Heerstrasse, which in the west is approximately bounded by Ziegelei Allee and the farm track that is an extension of Ziegelei Allee. The northern border runs parallel to the A5 motorway at a distance of some 150 m. The eastern border in the northern section is formed, among others, by a former brickworks, further south by the dwellings west of Steinbacher Hohl along with the developed section of the Daimler AG premises. The zone boasts several disused clay pits which with their distinctive sides are easily recognizable to this day.

Planning objectives

The north of Heerstraße commercial estate located in Frankfurt’s Praunheim district is one of the zones earmarked for commercial district development. In addition to providing building land for new manufacturing companies, the existing firms are to be shored up and their further progress secured. Along Heerstrasse the structural concept for the entire area envisages consolidating the old residential quarter by extending it northwards. Given that at the time the planning concept was drawn up there was need in Praunheim for a contemporary neighborhood store, a plot for a retail outlet was planned on Heerstasse. The residential quarter and the retail outlet have since been built. The zone’s recreational function is to be maintained as far as possible. The hedgerows that typically structure the area and have been cultivated predominantly along the sides of the former clay pits will be included as public green spaces in the future green fabric.
The edges of the area are decisive in shaping the district’s overall appearance. Along Heerstraße, the cityscape is chiefly informed by the trees lining the northern side of the road. The industrial estate’s green fringe will be retained at any rate to contrast visually with the low-rise, small-unit dwellings south of Heerstraße and the large supermarket on the northern side.
Part of the developed outskirts of Frankfurt will form the western view of the industrial estate. A line of trees and hedgerows integrates the area into the open countryside. A generous green zone (as compensation for other construction sites) has already been established between the A5 motorway and the development zone. The idea is that when seen from a distance the zone will not be characterized by commercial edifices but constitute a suitable transition between the open countryside and the developed areas.
The construction of Ziegelei Allee also completed a section of the Praunheim local bypass that will extend from the Ludwig Landmann Straße/Heerstraße intersection to Dillenburger Straße.

Planning Progress

Originally intended to enable two existing companies to expand, planning considerations have (not least as a result of the commercial district development scheme) culminated in a structural development plan for the entire area between Heerstraße and the A5 motorway.

The structural concept for the north of Heerstraße commercial estate was presented to the public during a local citizens’ meeting held on April 19, 2005. It became obvious at an early stage that the southern part would develop faster and the zone was therefore subdivided into two separate development processes. The development plan for the southern part (development plan no. 854 – Gewerbegebiet Nördlich Heerstraße, Teilbereich 1) has been legally binding since March 25, 2010. Development plan no. 696 – Gewerbegebiet Nördlich Heerstraße, Teilbereich 2 for the remaining area is still being established. On November 15, 2012, the City Council passed the resolution approving public disclosure (Resolution section 2382). The plans were presented to the public in the period between January 23, 2013 and February 25, 2013. The suggestions and statements made during this time are being evaluated at present. 

Project management

Mr. Antonius Schulze Mönking

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