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Commercial Site Development Program

The Commercial Site Development Program outlines a range of spatial development objectives for developing commercial and industrial zones and serves as a guideline for discretionary decision-making. On May 13, 2004 the Frankfurt City Council approved the Commercial Site Development Program. These objectives are achieved by means of urban development concepts, binding planning stipulations and consulting services provided by Wirtschaftsförderung Frankfurt GmbH (http://www.frankfurt-business.net/de/) for investors and companies

Map section of the commercial site development program, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

As a concept for securing real estate sites, the Commercial Site Development Program is currently being updated. The foundations for this are the Commercial Site Register (Link intern), the commercial building sites listed in the Regional Land Use Plan (Link intern) and the “spatio-functional development concept for commerce“ included in the Industry Master Plan (http://frankfurt-business.net/standort-frankfurt/branchenfokus/masterplan-industrie-der-stadt-frankfurt-am-main/).

In actual fact, the reality in Frankfurt’s commercial estates frequently no longer corresponds to the image of a “classic” industrial and commercial hub defined by manufacturing, artisans and logistics. A “commercial estate” can easily include office complexes, food retail outlets and even night clubs, and thus a broad array of usages. The different uses means that there are a range of different characteristics and requirements involved that all need to be factored into updating the Commercial Site Development Program.


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