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Frankfurt/Main High-rise Development Plan – 2008 update

In 1999 for the first time extensive framework plans for the advancement of high-rises in Frankfurt/Main were drawn up and adopted for implementation by the Municipal Parliament. The locations proposed at the time have in the meantime been secured by means of subsequent legal zoning plan procedures. The first basic update of these plans has now been conducted.

Even if the plans for the majority of the ten locations listed in 1999 have not yet been realized, architects’ competitions for preparing implementation have nonetheless been held. Planning approval for the first of them has been granted. Nonetheless, since 1999 16 high-rises have been approved in Frankfurt/Main and have either been erected or are currently under construction. The legality of these buildings is based on older planning laws drawn up before 1999 or ensued in connection with the implementation of major development projects such as for the new “Westhafen” quarter in the city.

The figures illustrate the fact that a considerable amount of time is required before high-rises can be constructed. With regard to project development, it appears to be the case that developers require a time frame of several years between the acquisition and exercising of building rights. There are currently 13 locations available for which planning rights have been secured, such that a spatial, structural examination of the city aimed at pinpointing additional locations suitable for high-rises was called for. The 2008 update of the high-rise development plan is to be seen primarily in the light of this finding.

The 2008 update of the high-rise development plan entails the preparation of 23 new high-rises upwards of 60 meters in height in 16 locations. This corresponds to a growth of some 800,000 sq.m. of gross surface area. For four of the locations residential high-rises with a total gross surface area of 65,000 sq.m. are proposed. In a second stage all the high-rise locations require the acquisition of planning rights by means of subsequent specific legal zoning plan procedures.

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