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Addition to the Main front

Location: the former Degussa-site (“Maintor”)

The layout plan indicates potential high-rise locations (shown in red), © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

The remodeling of the former Degussa-site (the “Maintor” project) provides an opportunity to open up this previously sealed off quarter in the east of the old town. The objective in terms of urban development is to compact the building mass in order to be able to create space again for historical pathways and plazas. Continuing the height of existing high-rises along the northern front of the River Main, a total of three further high points are envisaged.

  • location for three new high-rises
  • office space in all three high-rises
  • the middle high-rise is limited to a height of 100 meters, and each of the two high-rises on Neue Mainzer Straße and Weissfrauenstraße to a height of 60 meters