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Am Industriehof

Urban development draft, Commerce, Housing
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Project description

Reason for development
The location was previously characterized by residential complexes in a low-density zone of existing buildings predominantly used by small businesses. Overall local conditions changed as a result of major companies from the financial and ICT sector relocating here. The land had previously been used sparsely by the military as well as by national freight services with few jobs involved and began to be transformed into a high-density employment area. To the extent that applicable qualified planning laws exist, it is not adequate to cover the development of the location and has therefore to be replaced.

Development district
The Industriehof development zone is situated on a former army barracks between the old district centers of Bockenheim and Hausen.

Planning objectives
The aim is to increase the structural diversity of the companies in the area and improve the social, cultural and utilities infrastructure at the local level. Amendments implemented to date in relation to improving development quality are awaiting approval from the planning authorities. In addition, the access infrastructure north of Königsberger Strasse is set to undergo moderate enhancement. The intention is to curb the adverse impacts of commercial usage on existing residential areas such that a tolerable level is reached. Companies with a need for expansion in the near future will be able to develop their business in commercial areas. In some mixed-use areas the aim is to ensure low-noise levels to enable the co-existence of residential and commercial usage. Designated quiet zones have been earmarked for the development of residential facilities. The characteristic existing tree population shall be maintained and the number planted along the sides of public roads and pathways increased. The spacious front gardens serve not only to improve the appearance of the locality but also augment the microclimate.

Project progress
After the old military site was handed back to the Federal Republic of Germany following the withdrawal of the US Armed Forces, the area was offered to Deutsche Börse. The planning objectives identified in the resolution to establish development plan no. 679 in 1988 changed as a result. The construction of the Neue Deutsche Börse building, which commenced in 2000, was accompanied by planning adjustments and measures to improve traffic flow, some of which were funded privately. Local citizens were informed of these changes at a meeting on November 29, 2005.
The development plan proposal was made available for public consultation from April 8, 2009 to May 18, 2009.
 The amended proposal has been displayed to the public from January 22, 2014 until February 24, 2014. After evaluating the ideas submitted the draft zoning was again tabled for approval and the City Council duly passed it into law on Oct. 15, 2015. With its official publication on Dec. 1, 2015 the zoning plan became legally binding and now forms the basis for the quarter’s ongoing reorganization.