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Public space
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Project description

Reason for planning
The local Consultative Council and local residents have long since been calling for the Alt-Nied area to be enhanced. The road and its surroundings were considered to be unattractive and neglected. A trading-down effect took hold and many traditional, owner-run businesses closed down, while less attractive stores remained. Overall, the entrance to the heart of the Nied district made a desolate impression. In line with a resolution passed by the City Council relating to the program “Making Frankfurt More Attractive” and the inclusion of the measure on the list of priorities, plans were drawn up to enhance the road Alt-Nied.

Development district
Alt-Nied is a commercial road in Nied and serves as a link between Mainzer Landstrasse and Oeserstrasse and Bolongarostrasse. The area to the west of Alt-Nied is to a large extent accessed via the road Alt-Nied.

Planning objectives
With changed segmentation of the road, wider sidewalks will give pedestrians more room. Parking will be in longitudinal parking spaces marked off from the carriageway and the latter’s width reduced such that oncoming public busses/cyclists can pass each other comfortably. Trees planted in new positions on the eastern side and new, attractive streetlamps on the western side will improve the appearance of and narrow the road. In addition, new surfacing materials and the resulting separation of carriageway and pedestrian and parking areas will guarantee a clearly visible, functional enhancement. The “Nied Brücke” bus stop in front of the church will be moved to the site in front of the property at Alt-Nied 6-8 and made accessible with the corresponding furnishings. Accessibility will be taken into account at all pedestrian crossings in line with the municipal standard outlined in the City of Frankfurt’s Accessibility working plan and the “Unhindered Mobility” guideline of the State of Hessen. This will guarantee that visually and mobility-challenged people will also be able to make full, accessible use of the road Alt-Nied. The bottle banks will take the form of underground containers.
Overall the redevelopment of Alt-Nied is intended to provide impetus with a view to enlivening the road in a positive sense and promoting further potential for the surroundings.

Project progress
With the City Council having adopted resolution no. 2385 relating to the construction and financing proposal (total cost of the measure € 1.9 million) on March 1, 2018, the project was put out for tender, and once preliminary work on sewerage, water and other piping has been completed, over-ground work involving road and paving work, new lighting, and the planting of new trees will be finished. The first section up to Schmidtbornstrasse is expected to be ready in spring 2019. Overall, construction work is envisaged to last until November 2019.