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Am Römerhof

Housing, Schooling
District: Local district:
2, 1
Size of area:
29 ha
Project management:

Ms. Tanja Peter
Telefon: +49 (0)69 212 35603
Telefax: +49 (0)69 212 30731

Project description

Reason for planning
As a result of the relocation of the municipal bus depot, land measuring around five hectares south of Rebstockpark and in the direct vicinity of the Europaviertel district will become available. This provides a unique opportunity to expand the Europaviertel westwards – it borders the land to the east. The project development will embrace existing open spaces and leisure time facilities, including land currently occupied by the Rebstockpark and swimming baths, the district sports ground, a bowling center and two allotment garden complexes.

The conversion of the present-day bus depot in the east of the commercial zone will be the first step in the development of a new district. The municipal housing association, the AGB Frankfurt Holding, intends to build around 700 residential units on the land there that will become available in the medium to long-term. A legal zoning plan must be drawn up in order for planning permission to be granted.

Development area
The development area is in the Bockenheim district to the south of Rebstockpark and the allotment gardens there. It extends from east to west in a circle along the road Am Römerhof.

From the east, the development area is bordered by the road Zum Rebstockbad and the trade fair park-deck there; from the west it abuts on the allotment gardens along the A 5 interstate, and from the south by a dam. From the north, allotment gardens and Rebstockpark run along the perimeter of the zone in question. 

The development area measures some 29 hectares. It embraces the commercial facilities along the road Am Römerhof, as well as the sports ground used by the police sports club Grün-Weiß e.V. and the SG Rot-Weiß e.V. football club, a dealership for used cars in the west, and the municipal bus depot. The area also includes land in the east of the scope of the planning; it is used by the trade fair company as a parking area for mobile homes.

In the Regional Preparatory Land Use plan, the land on which the bus depot currently stands is designated as land for communal use. The neighboring commercial land in the west is listed as commercial building land. The sports grounds are listed as areas of parkland for the purpose of a sports complex and are subject to the provisions Priority Area for Regional Green Corridor and Reserve Area for particular Climate Function.

Parts of the area that comes under the scope of the planning are allocated to the green belt and classified as a conservation area. This applies in particular to the sports grounds and parklands, as well as the parking area for mobile homes used by the trade fair company. As a result of the changes, for which there is a legal basis, all land no longer available will, inasmuch as this is necessary, be replaced elsewhere within the city limits.

Planning objectives
In the medium to long-term, the commercial zone running along the road Am Römerhof to the south of Rebstockpark, which has automotive-related facilities such as the technical inspection association TÜV Hessen, the Municipal Vehicle Licensing Department and the coach operator Touring will be transformed into a urban, mixed-usage quarter with more than 2,000 residential units. As a first step, some 700 residential units will be built on the land currently occupied by the bus depot. The aim is to develop a Wilhelmine era-like urban quarter with a density appropriate to the location. The plan envisages a strong social and functional mix as well as clearly designated public and private spaces. In the west of the development area there are plans to build a six-section high school for 1,200 students and a sports hall boasting six pitches. To ensure the provision of educational facilities in the quarter, up to two elementary schools and several nurseries will be required.

An initial urban development draft for the zone in question was drawn up at a cooperative planning workshop together with representatives of the City Planning Department and Deutsches Institut für Stadtbaukunst (German Institute for Urban Architecture). It envisages a compact structure of six-story blocks erected flush with the pavement and with three-story courtyard buildings. The one or other commercial facility will remain in its present location or be integrated elsewhere in the development area. A central plaza at the Schmidtstrasse/Am Römerhof intersection will form the heart of the new quarter and will boast a corresponding supply infrastructure. A high school, two elementary schools and several nurseries will be part of this infrastructure. Local public transport currently takes the form of several bus lines. In future the area will be connected to the U5 subway line. The tracks will run along the road Am Römerhof. A station at the Schmidtstrasse/Am Römerhof intersection is envisaged. There are plans for a second station near where the bowling center currently stands.

Implementation of the legal zoning plan envisages 30 percent of the land earmarked for dwellings being reserved for subsidized housing. If the land is developed by public housing associations, there must be a 40 percent share. As part of the development of the project, 15 percent of the residential floor space must be made available to communal and cooperative projects.

Project progress
On December 13, 2018 the City Council adopted a resolution to draw up legal zoning plan no. 919 “Am Römerhof” under section 3475. Together with the resolution and as part of the aforementioned paragraphs, a special preemption bylaw (Preemption Bylaw no. 1 – Am Römerhof) for parts of the geographical scope was passed in accordance with section 25 of the German Building Code. The special Preemption Bylaw makes the sale of land in the relevant geographical scope subject to approval and as such serves the city as a tool for ensuring that its municipal planning concept is implemented.

At a one-week cooperative planning workshop in March 2018, representatives of the City Planning Department, together with Deutsches Institut für Stadtbaukunstdrew up an initial urban development draft, which Deutsches Institut für Stadtbaukunst is currently revising. Representatives of the City Planning Department and the company ABG are assisting the institute in a professional capacity. The final draft should be ready in late 2019 / early 2020 and form the planning basis for the legal zoning plan.

As part of early public participation, at a special meeting of the Local Consultative Council 2 on July 5, 2019 in Margarethenhof – Seniorenresidenz Rebstockpark, representatives of the City Planning Department will provide information about the objectives and purposes of the planning, progress with regard to the draft, as well as about the further procedure and possible ways to participate.

PDF files relating to the project

B919-Lageplan Am Römerhof [2307 KB]

Lageplan Am Römerhof Stand Juli 2019